„Znepokojení rodiče nechtěli opustit inkubátor“: Proč znepokojení rodiče nechtěli opustit inkubátor?

V dnešní době je běžné, že se některé děti se narodí předčasně a musí nějaký čas musí strávit v inkubátoru. Tento případ je ale jiný. V inkubátoru se předčasně narodila štěňata a nervózní máma je čivava.

Kuma je 4letá čivava, která nedávno porodila štěňátka. Po porodu štěňátky musela zůstat v inkubátoru.


Kuma a tatínek jménem Sour Bork se od inkubátoru nehnuli ani na krok. Sledujte dojemné video. Psí rodiče sledují svá štěňátka. Podívejte se sami:

Heartwarming footage shows a mother dog watching over her premature newborn puppies as they take some of their first breaths.Kuma, a four-year-old Chihuahua, can be seen pawing at the incubator while staring lovingly at her babies as they wriggle around under the heat.Adorable photographs show her standing on her hind legs and anxiously peering through the glass as the daddy dog sits nearby.Kuma went into labour early and gave birth to three puppies in Bangkok, Thailand, on April 20.Two were weak and needed some extra care when they were born.But Kuma wasn't going to leave their side as they were warmed up in an incubator at the vets. She ended up perching on a green stool with one paw resting on the glass, lovingly gazing at her newborns. The father of the puppies, named Sour Pork, can be seen sitting calmly next to her wearing his most fancy floral shirt to meet his babies for the first time.The three youngsters went home later that day and are finding their feet as part of the 'Yuta Family' and their eight other dogs.The owner said: 'They're so cute. We love having them at home. Kuma was just watching her puppies like a nurse. She kept checking on them.'

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